A meandering of muscari

Way back in October I wrote a post about planting 100 muscari in the Wild Garden.   I explained in my original post that I had been hugely influenced by various plantings from visit to Evenley Wood, a visit that was almost a exactly a year ago so it is no huge surprise that what inspired me then is in flower now.
I shall start by looking at the hyacinths that I bought and planted outside.  As explained in my post about Evenley Wood I really cannot abide hyacinths inside the house, the smell is too much for me, but outside I find them surprisingly charming and I must say that the splash of colour that these have brought to the garden can only mean one thing....
next year I shall have to plant more,
yes I shall need more.  The pink and the blue have just been fantastic and I am very very pleased with how they look.
This is the Daphne mezereum I bought from Evenley.  These can be tricky plants to make happy and they dislike disturbance so I had not expected much from it in its first year.  Actually, let me correct that, I expected it to die.  They resent disturbance, so at best it should have sulked this year apart from the fact it has been dug up and replanted twice since its first planting this time last year.  I moved it to a place of safety when the Great Tree Debacle was in progress but I never expected it would recover.  Anyhoo - its looking remarkably well now and I am not digging it up again - promise.
The anemones in the Wild Garden have been seeding around and this year is a very good year for them.  They appear to be largely guarded by cats.  Bruce oversees this blue clump and
Esme thinks that this white clump sets off her fur rather well (say hello to Esme, its her first time in the blog, its the first time she's sat still long enough!)

and what of the muscari I hear you cry?
Well it is no stream of scilla a la Evenley as yet, but it is a meandering and...
it is making me happy.  I shall buy some more and add to them in the year and I am hoping that they will also bulk up of their own accord.

So in terms of having some inspiration, making and then executing a plan, I would say it is a success.  I shall now meander through my muscari.


  1. Lovely to see Esme and all your lovely spring blossoms. I have quite a collection of muscari, the result of self-seeding I suppose. One can never have too many.

  2. I think Muscari are one of those bulbs that happily multiply and spread themselves around, in a few years you'll be amazed at just how much.
    Pretty blooms those Hyacinth, a plant I've never tried before.

  3. Even in its first year, your stream of muscari is beautiful! I usually plant out indoor hyacinths after they have finished, but I find it rather difficult to place them. The flowers do become smaller over the years and then they look more natural to me.

  4. Great idea the meandering Muscaris and they easily multiply so you definitely will have more of them next year. I love the blue stream in the grass.


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