The Quince Hedge (again)

I have given a couple of updates already on my quince hedge which is made up of Chaenomeles x superba 'Crimson and Gold'.  The first update is here in 2011 when it had been planted for about three years and then again here in 2014 when it was starting to look a bit more hedgy.
The hedge has come on quite well in the last year.  It is hard to see well in this picture (gawd knows why I went for slanty pictures again) but it is thickening up fairly well now.  I now am gently trimming it so that it is not going about the height that I want.  When the top growth reaches the windowsill I level it off.  I am also trimming the side shoots so they are not going over the path.  I am hoping that this will encourage it to thicken up further.
This year it has been flowering for weeks.  It first started to flower before Christmas and it has given some very welcome colour.
Now the bees are starting to buzz around on the warmer days I am hopeful I will get a few quinces this year.  I have had a few little ones in the past and I hope I get more.  Unlike the quince tree in the back garden, chaenomeles fruit much more quickly and easily.

I shall report back next year on how it has progressed.  It remains work in progress, as does the garden in general.


  1. I love that red flowers of the Chaenomeles. I bought this shrub 26 years ago when we started this garden, but it never thrived very well, so at last I have thrown him out.
    Your one will look very nice against the wall it´s growing and flowering.

  2. Chaenomeles is a great plat to have in the garden, I had the same variety planted along a fence on my last garden. I used to trim it back in spring once the flower buds were showing, which thickened it up and made it compact along the side of the path. I have managed to bring some cuttings of it with me, so will live on in my next garden :) Have you seen the white one, C. nivalis, lovely too :)

  3. I planted a double white one in my garden last year. It had three flowers. I was ridiculously happy to see those three flowers. I do hope it has more this year. Fingers crossed.


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