March 2015 Tree Following - we begin again

Here we are in March again, a full year on from when I first started following my quince tree.  I looked back to last year to see whether  I think it is further on or late compared to last year.
I think it looks pretty much the same.
This quince 'Vranja' is a delight of a tree.  It starts to leaf up before the apple and the medlar and it keeps its leaves longer as well.
If it was not for one tiny little flaw I would call it a perfect fruit tree.  It is but a trifling issue, a mere speck on horizon.  I do not ask much of this tree, but I would really like a quince this year please.

No really - I do want one, let this be the year of the quince.

Meanwhile, I turn and look to the medlar, that has medled every year since planting....
.... and I tell it to get wriggle on and think about getting some leaves.

Thanks to Lucy for hosting this meme, there are many other trees to follow here.