Snowdrop time at Easton Walled Gardens

I am enjoying myself very much this year visiting several snowdrop gardens.  Easton Walled Gardens is always a favourite this time of year as each garden has its own character and own charm.
and Easton has much charm.  This display is always well-used when I see it and I think each time I wish I had something similar.  (and yet still do nothing it make it happen, oh well).
The snowdrop slope is a great sight.  There are many snowdrops around the garden but I think I always like this part best.  Maybe it is because it is not accessible the rest of the year so a walk along here feels like a treat.
It is a sheltered site, the bank is home to many snowdrops and shrubs.  This one has the remains of a bird's nest in it.
There is the aconite corner where the white fades into yellow.  Again this is favourite spot on the walk though I go home and curse my aconites for their lack of co-operation.
The snowdrops have swum across the stream to make a break for the fields.
and this mild spot also means that the daffodils are much further developed than mine are at home.
The snowdrops pop up everywhere, the way they do when they are really happy and well-established.
It was Valentine's Day when we visited and we found this heart someone had left on the bridge.  How sweet.

and of course snowdrops were bought:
I had to put them in this holding space until the next day when I could plant them out.  I have a growing collection of Easton snowdrops after several snowdrop visits.  I would even go so far to say they are almost a clump.  

Now to look forward to the next visit.....

The 2015 snowdrop odyssey can be found here:


  1. Dear Papaver
    I visited Easton on Sunday and have written a blog post about my visit too. The gravel heart was still there and I took a photo of it as well. We usually visit Hodsock, but decided to have a change and it was a lovely day. Of course, some snowdrops came home with me too!
    Best wishes

  2. Once I hope to visit Easton, there are special snowdrop tours from our country to England. First photo is so different, a wonderful display!

  3. Gorgeous photos, looks like a lovely trip! Snowdrops are always such a welcome sight! Katie


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