Whilst my cactus gently weeps

I have a question or two for you - can you see anything slightly disturbing in this picture?
No? How about this one below then?  (hint, look at the words 'glowing wonder').
Maybe wondering about glowing plants isn't enough, how about a cactus in a cute outfit?
Ok, a cute outfit but an eye missing.  Yes the poor cactus has not even got a fully functioning cute outfit.
I can almost, almost, forgive the cactus Santa (at least he has both of his eyes) though I sure I can hear the cactus gently weeping through both of them;



glitter on poinsettias just has to stop - this plant-humiliation just has to stop.

Rant over.

(Apologies to George Harrison for amending the title of his song).


  1. The use of succulents as disposable 'cut flowers' and decorations are increasing steadily. Sigh...

  2. I hate all these fancy shoddy things on plants.

  3. This kind of thing should be outlawed


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