Tree following - Envy

Oh dear, the green-eyed monster has come a-calling.  It has been tapping on the window for a while but the other day it rang the bell and demanded entry.  Why is this you ask?  Sad to say I have had my head-turned by another quince, could be a better quince, could be a more productive more beautiful quince.  It has, dear reader, put my quince in the shade.

Is this the fore-warning of infedeltiy – am I going to replace my quince with a newer, more quincy/beautiful model?  Is my quince the Ruth in comparison to Mary Fisher?
Well, I am making no promises.

At Easton Walled Gardens they have this quince – it produces quinces (a key factor for a quince tree in my world) and it has very beautiful leaves that even without a quince included makes it a tree of desire.
and what does my quince do as a counteraction to all this?
There are similarities, but mine looks a bit scabby.  I have, however, invested time in my quince; we have developed a relationship and a commitment to each other.  (well, I have made a commitment I am not seeing much in the way of quinces as proof of commitment in return).  If I dispose of this quince now and replace it with another I will be back to the start of the waiting game.  At least with the devil I know I am several years in already.
Patience is a virtue – but dear quince be warned, there are others out there competing for my attention so next year I expect an obvious sign, a fruiting of your commitment.

Thanks as ever to Lucy for hosting this meme - more trees can be found here