Tree Following - yellow

Episode 9 - suddenly Autumn has making itself really felt with the quince tree.
There is a distinct flush of yellow as the leaves start to turn.
Whilst the tree is still rather green, there is now some real yellow going on.
Not many leaves, if any, have fallen, the majority of trees are still green, but time is taking its toll.
The field maple that is  above and behind the quince is shedding its leaves and seeds.
and ever looking for hopeful signs of a quince, I look to the new buds forming already and wish them a quinceful new year.

Thanks to Lucy for hosting this meme.  There is a veritable forest of trees being followed here.


  1. Also the quince tree has to deal with the inevitable decay. I wish you lots of quinces next year.

  2. Fingers crossed for next year's crop!

  3. It's so exciting seeing next year on the branches of an autumn tree.


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