Cape Aloe

It is so hard to write anything about an aloe without making reference to 'Allo 'Allo, but I am not going to any further than just that.  I have acknowledged that the joke is there waiting to be made, but I am walking away from it with great restraint.

Moving swiftly on.  I have been very lucky to be asked sometimes to trial plants and whilst I obviously like receiving plants I already know and love, I have written previously about how much I enjoy being challenged to grow plants I have not previously considered.  This does not mean I just greedily accept any plant, if I am not interested in growing it at all I will say so as it would be a pointless exercise for all concerned.  I was recently contacted by Jersey Plants Direct to see if I would be interested in receiving a Cape Aloe plant, I thought about it quite a bit as these are not plants I have much experience of.  I decided to say yes as they are a plant I like and it seemed a good challenge.
The plant arrived very well packaged.  I particularly liked the addition of the terracotta pot and saucer.  The plant was separate from these in a plastic pot which meant they could all be individually wrapped and arrived safely in good condition.
The plant itself is a good size, was in nicely damp compost and came complete with leaflet and label.  The leaflet explains the history of using aloe gel and also how to harvest and store it yourself from the plant.  There are also some nice disclaimers about if you do use the gel then it is at your own risk.  Always better safe than sorry!
I really liked the label, it was nice and clear and told me quickly all I needed to know.  Whilst I can grow things relatively well in the garden (apart from the things that die - shush), I am generally not a good house-plant grower; except I have been improving on this.  The past couple of years I have been growing things indoors far more successfully, mainly because I have been taking it more seriously and thinking more about what I am doing.  I am hopeful that this aloe will thrive and I am immensely grateful to Rosie for sending it to me.  Thank you.


  1. Hi, I'm not a good houseplant grower too, I'm always neglecting them because I rush to the garden. But I know this Cape Aloe is an easy one you certainly will be successful. It is very nice of the company to send such a nice informative label with it.
    Wish you happy autumn gardening!

  2. My aloe is in the kitchen so that it is handy for any burns from cooking, the gel certainly works for me.

  3. Lovely Post. Made me feel slightly ashamed as I put my aloe out in the garden and forgot it until recently but it is till living but a little shabby looking. Too much rain!

  4. It says don't water in winter, but how does that work with central heating? I often find indoor plants need the same amount of watering as in summer as the central heating dries plants out just as much. Is aloe different?

  5. I would like to "trial" some plants. I think I have a unique location here on the shores of Lake Michigan and trying out plants would be most interesting. Anyone with ideas on where I might find that possibility? Jack


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