Tree following - the quince pauses

So here we are, episode 8 of tree following the quince.  I had expected more change in the quince this time as we are now in October, yet I look at the photographs I have taken and it seems much the same as it was in September.
It is liked it is holding its breath, someone has pressed the pause button.
For a moment I wondered what I could find to say about it, it is hard following a tree that appears to have run out of oomph.  Then I focussed my in closer,
I looked at the light coming through the leaves and the flush of autumn appearing around the edges.  I also noted the tiny pin-pricks of light showing through the leaves and wondered what caused them.
Another leaf had blotches on it, its not a poorly tree but the odd leaf shows that things have been living off it.
I realised I had never noticed the red leaf stems before.  They are rather wonderful.

I expect far more change in the November episode.  This poor tree has been without water for over a month yet has survived quite well.  As I write this the rains have finally started and it feels like this wonderfully long summer has now come to an end.  Autumn is now knocking at the door.

Thanks as ever to Lucy for hosting this meme, there are more trees being followed here.


  1. That's the good thing about 'pause months'. They make up look closer.

  2. Interesting how many of us are waiting for November ... I thought October would see a lot of leaf loss.

  3. My quince tree is three years old and a bit bigger than yours. I thought all the little quincelets had dropped off earlier in the year but to my delight I have two beautiful fragrant quinces. Just wait, I bet you will get fruit next year.

  4. I too thought there would be threadbare trees by now, but no. Today the cottonwood leaves are almost all yellow, however, and there will be lots of leaves on the ground soon.

  5. Yes, definitely a pause in the air, so to speak. Or perhaps one of those painfully slow forward steps you used to get on some posh video players, that let you almost go forward frame by frame...


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