Rocks and crevices

Sometimes somethings just suddenly become noticeable.  They become the focus of attention when you have never really noticed them before.  This is my attempt to explain why I have been staring at rocks and walls.

I have been staring at walls for a couple of months now.  At Petworth House I got distracted by Mexican daisies
 and also by this wall with its antirrhinum.
There is something magical about plants that cling to walls and life so precariously.
Then as I was on my wanders in North Wales I noticed more and more the plants in between.  How can you not love these ferns growing up these steps?
These foxgloves have sown themselves onto a low wall very successfully.

When sitting on the cliff tops I looked down and all around me were wild sedums and other plants rooted into the barest of soils.
These have such wonderful colours.
It was really dry whilst we were there and yet these plants were still coping.
They did not mind the rocky conditions at all as they are designed to cope with such extremes.
I saw this strip of rock and thought of all the crevice gardens I have seen,  I admire them hugely when done well but I know I cannot replicate the wonders of this cliff top.  It was one of those moments where the devil and real beauty is in the detail.