100 more muscari

It is bulb planting time of year, a time of year I enjoy very much.  I regard each bulb planted as a promise that Spring will return.  For the last couple of years I have not been planting quite so many bulbs.  This year has been different.  A couple of hundred snowdrops went in (in the green) this Spring and this Autumn has seen the progression of my bulb planning planting.
I feel like I have spent much of the year waiting for this moment.  I was very influenced by my visit to Evenley Wood way back in April.  As I walked around I felt myself compiling a bulb and plant list.  People often talk of gardens/places being inspirational, well Evenley Wood definitely was.

So my garden now contains a Camellia 'Cupido', I first saw this plant just before Christmas last year but I thought it a little pricey to be honest.  I did not buy it and regretted this almost immediately, it was worth the money and I should have given in.  Then I saw one in flower at Evenley Wood and this reinforced my mistake, it was now firmly on the 'next time I see one I am going to buy one' list.  Then, thanks to Thompson and Morgan inviting me to their press day a few weeks ago I was offered one.  Well, that was fate knocking on my door, I said yes and it has arrived.  It is covered in buds and once it flowers I will show you what it looks like.  At the moment it is a slightly ordinary looking shrub.

Also added to the list were Narcissus cyclamineus.  These thankfully like acid soil and I have quite acid soil.  So there are now 50 of these in the Dancing Lawn ready to do amazing things next year.  There are also another 20 or so in the front driveway here and there.  I am expecting much naturalising and drifting (this may take a while).

I am also a person who dislikes hyacinths in the house intensely.  I find the smell overwhelming and unpleasant.  Several years ago when I moved into my railway cottage in Nottingham I was surprised to find hyacinths growing in the garden.  There I found the scent tolerable, if not pleasant.  Then when wandering around Evenley I saw they had some fantastic dark blue ones growing under the trees.  So, Hyacinth Peter Stuyvesant has been duly bought and planted.

I have increased the amount of species tulips in the garden, and in particular Tulipa Whittallii, which is possibly my favourite tulip.
Finally I have added 100 Muscari armeniacum to drift down the Wild Garden, from the Heather Spur towards the Tree Lupin Border.  If this works (this is a bit of a large if) then it will look rather wonderful in a year or two.  Next year I will just accept it looking not too bad.

So, watch this space, I will be reporting back.


  1. I was wondering if i can plant flowers now ( yes I'm a newbie) . You post really helped me! Thank you for sharing!


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