Tree following, its beginning to turn

or Episode 7 
I am now seven episodes and therefore seven months into following my quince tree and now I can that it is starting to turn.

Last month saw spurts of growth and this spurs have reached as far as they will this year I think.
Meanwhile the older leaves are looking, well, older
Something has been having a nibble and tunnel around in this one.
The first signs of leaf turn are happening, just gently at the moment.
But I expect it to speed up soon.
It is fascinating watching the tree change through the seasons.  I wonder how many leaves will be left next month?

To see more trees being followed look here.  A huge thanks to Lucy for hosting this meme.


  1. Although tunnellers may be pests, I like to see their results - especially the way the tunnel gets wider as the creature eating the leaf gets fatter. I don't think I've seen a plant / tree that appears to have suffered much from this - or can they be really bad for the tree's health?

  2. It's great watching the smallest changes in our trees....
    Amanda x

  3. Oh dear, autumn is just around the corner now, so I guess your next photos in October will look very different!

  4. I thought like you that all my quincelets had dropped off but now I find to my delight that there are 2 nice quinces looking plump and healthy. Next year I expect you will have some too.

  5. Autumn seems to be coming early this year, thanks, no doubt, to the dry summer. Your quince leaves look terribly grown up, all of a sudden. Maybe next year will be the Year of the Quince...


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