Tree following - the tree grows

and so we reach August and it is time to go and stare at my Quince Tree to think about what to write about this month.  I realised as I stood there and looked at it that the tree is probably at its peak right now.
It has blossomed, it has quinced and its quincelets have fallen off.  It is now in the stage of producing growth and it is producing a lot of growth.
I wrote last month that it was growing at quite a pace and I realised when I looked at it just now that this pace is not yet abated.  It has probably grown more this year than it has done since I planted it.  It feels like the tree which has been in the ground here now for a good four years has finally decided it is going to settle in and grow.  I have observed this with most of the trees I have planted in this garden.  I have generally had to plant quite small young trees (or twigs as I like to call them) in the knowledge that over time they will grow.  It seems to take a couple of years, actually nearer to three or four before they seem to shrug their shoulders, sniff in an Eastenders sort of way and declare that they are staying, staying alive and actually going to do the business #sorted  It would appear that my quince tree has finally joined this group of trees in my garden, it has decided to mature and grow.
So does this mean I now have ridiculous, un-scientifically based optimism of getting a quince next year.......... of course it does!

Of course after August comes September so this growth will soon be stopping (if it has not already its just that I cannot tell by looking).  The leaves will start to turn soon, but for now this wonderful little tree is the Miss Jean Brody of trees, in its prime.

If you want to see the full forest of trees being followed then visit Loose and Leafy's blog.  Thanks as ever for hosting this meme.


  1. It's exciting, seeing this spurt. Will you leave the new growth or will some of it need to be pruned back?

    1. I wasn't intending pruning it, it has space to grow, I daren't prune away the promise of next year's quince!

  2. I'm pleased all seems to be rosy in your garden! And here's to next year's quince ...

    Caroline - following a silver birch

  3. That Quince is still young and doing wonderful, please don´t prune. Good hope you get quinces next year and so not, it will be the year thereafter.

  4. It is great that your quince is growing so well. But I am still mourning the loss of my quincelets. No amount of growth on my tree will make up for their loss. Strange that we both lost them. I wonder if this always happens on young trees.

  5. I'm pleased to see that your quince has taken off. Mine has only been in the ground since January and I've noticed that it seems happy (well, it hasn't died!) but hasn't put on much growth. So I guess I just have to be patient.

    Fingers crossed for you that you will get actual quinces next year.

  6. Your Quince is looking so healthy, it must be happy where you have put it! I hope it is so happy that it will start producing little quince for you next year!

  7. I'm anticipating the quince jelly already...
    Hope all stays green and healthy :)

  8. Fingers crossed for next year's quinces - looking promising, as it's growing so nicely...


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