The Teabag Update

April seems a while ago now, but way back those couple of months ago I wrote a post about some trial plants I had been sent by B&Q about their Teabag Technology™ and easyGrow™ plants.  I was sent some marigolds and some pelagoniums to try out.  When I get sent plants to trial I do like to do updates as otherwise they might look great on arrival but shrivel and die within weeks.  So here is my update three months after arrival.

 Firstly the marigolds:  These were good strong little plants and I planted some in the gravel garden and one in a pot.  The ones in the gravel garden were eaten by slugs at a rate so fast I almost thought I had imagined planting them.  Overnight they were gone.  The one in the pot did not fare much better, but I think it was helped that it was in a pot so there was at first a bit of nibbling, then a more concerted munching and then I applied slug pellets.  Yes, I used organic slug pellets because otherwise there would have been nothing left.  It took a while but the marigold did recover and it is now in flower.

The moral of this tale is, these marigolds are ambrosia to slugs, if you grow them you must protect them.

Second there were the pelgaoniums.  From day one these have grown well,  they are also pleasantly slug-proof.  
They have grown well and started flowering a few weeks ago.  They are a little small still, but I have found that my other pelagoniums have been a bit small this year, I think they got halted by a late frost and it took them a while to recover.  
I love the lipstick pink of them.  

So all in all I can say that this has been a successful trial (slugs not withstanding). 


  1. I do like a good dose of shocking pink! Sadly my pelargoniums, bought as a treat, are still not flowering :-(


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