Tree Following - oh dear

and so we reach the sad, yet somehow I feel inevitable moment when I have to tell you dear readers that the quest for the quince is over.  Yes, the quincelets are no more, they have descended from the tree, they have shuffled off this mortal (arbourous?) coil, they are no more.
Oh well, a shrug of the shoulders and the tree following continues for a quince tree is more than the sum of its quinces (which is probably a good thing).  Now I am no longer distracted by quincelets I can look at again at the tree.
It is growing, it has put on what can only be termed a spurt of growth.
I love the downy fragility of the new growth.  It looks like it is seeking new territory, like it is trying to reach up for something you cannot quite see.
Yes I am sorry that the quest for the quince is over for another year, but already as I see this new growth I think about it becoming another year older, another year more mature.  Maybe next year......

Thanks as ever to Lucy for hosting this meme - many more followed trees can be found here


  1. Oh no! Could you not have nailed your quincelet to its perch?

    On the upside, as you say - you've still got a lovely tree.

  2. Oh yes, so sorry about those baby quinces, but at least the tree is growing well. Thank you for your post.

  3. Your post got me running down the garden to check on my Quincelets. The same tragedy as yours; they have all fallen off. But like your tree there is plenty of new growth. Perhaps next year?

  4. As long as your quince is still growing , that is essential! Sorry you lost your baby quince, but you will hopefully get lots more in the future.

  5. It's interesting that new growth just "goes for it", seemingly without a plan. Well ... I suppose we do too at times ;-)

  6. Saves the challenge of making one-quince jam! There - a positive slant. And maybe if it saves its energy for growing instead of reproducing it will become a proud bearer of many sturdy, flavoursome quinces when it's fully grown.

  7. Into every life a little rain must fall :)


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