The Big Butterfly Count - 19th July - 10th August

The nice lady from Butterfly Conservation got in touch with me again and asked if I would help promote the Big Butterfly Count that starts on July 19th.  It seemed churlish to refuse especially as I do love watching butterflies and moths flit about in the garden.  I am also remarkably ignorant about the names of butterflies and moths though thankfully after tweeting photos of the ones in my garden I now know the names of the ones I see most frequently.

The Big Butterfly Count is a survey to help Butterfly Conservation use the numbers of butterflies and moths as an indicator of how healthy the environment is.  Their website explains that butterflies and moths are good indicators of change in the environment as they react faster than other species.  They go on to say that they make a good 'early warning' indicator that something is amiss.  The survey itself was first carried out in 2010 so it is now building up a body of data that will prove invaluable as it is carried out year on year. 

To take part in the survey you just have to count butterflies for fifteen minutes on a bright sunny day.  The website gives full instructions and there are various goodies to download including ID posters. There is also an app for IOS and Android, now I do love a good app.

So I commend this survey to you and hope you if you do take part that you have fun doing so.


  1. Are you sure you haven't mistaken Jemima for Geraldine? Great photos. Worthy cause.


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