Tree Following - the tension mounts

Episode four of following the quince tree in my garden.  I admit in terms of feet and inches it has not moved very far, but there is a glimmer more hope on the horizon than I thought there would be this time last month.

Last month a late frost and semi-gales had destroyed what blossom there was, I thought my hopes for my first quince were dashed almost before they had begun.  I was then blessed with a late blossom or two, this was very fortuitous and exciting.
The quincelet I was watching last month duly dropped off.  I was upset yet already I could see another quincelet or two were forming.

Best of all they are still there now, I think I have two possible quinces.  Though I know it is bad luck to count your quinces before they are hatched (or something like that).  I am not yet looking up recipes for quince jam, not that I would get much jam from two.  Nor am I saving up to buy gold foil to wrap quince paste in as apparently was done in Elizabethan times.  Though obviously I am thinking about it.
Though I worry that the marauders are on their way to steal them.
Hey snails, leave those quince alone!

Other trees are also being followed c/o this meme hosted by Lucy at Loose and Leafy.


  1. Lovely, you will have to cherish them so that they grow big and juicy. I can imagine you waging war on the snails, they are too precious for snails to eat!

  2. A very beautiful snail - however unwelcome! Delightful that you are calling them quinceletes. Makes them sound like a specially charming group of pretty pre-schoolers.

  3. Good luck with your quincelets. You have reminded me to go and count my quincelets tomorrow. I, too, am waiting with bated breath for my first quinces. I can' t think why I haven' t counted them already.

  4. I had so much blossom on my tree and just one quincelet has remained! And that one looks a little iffy. Is rather emotionally draining, this quince growing. Hope yours flourish

  5. Good luck - you'll have to start a 'quince watch' thread on twitter to keep us up to date between tree following posts… fingers crossed...


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