Tree following - the May update

Suddenly we are at chapter three of tree following.  This year is just zipping by!
The quince tree has blossomed in the in the last month.  It struggled to blossom though, the wind and return of cooler weather meant the blossom came and went without me really seeing it.  I worry about this.
I look at where the blossoms were and wonder whether they will form quinces,
it feels a little indecent to ponder whether this is a swelling,
this however clearly is not, I think this gives me great cause for concern that the quest for the quince might be doomed already, surely not?
There are a few blossoms yet to open, maybe they contain my final hope, a new hope (damn it Star Wars, its not all about you.....)  If you could all keep your fingers crossed please, I think it might be needed.