Pelagoniums, pots and Christine

I haven't been to Whichford Pottery for a good six months, so it was time I visited again.  I had intended to go to the seconds sale in April, but I had seen that Christine Walkden was going to do a talk there so I thought I would hold off and visit then.
It was a lovely sunny day when we set out, and whilst it got a little cloudier and chillier later, it remained good weather for a day out.  They have a new cafe at the pottery so the day started with cake and coffee.  That is a very good start.  If I may add the cafe is a great addition, for people like me who travel a distance to get there (which I imagine is the same as many of their customers), now being able to stop for lunch and make more of a day of it in future is very much appreciated.
The talk was very good, I enjoy Christine's entertaining style and down to earth honest approach which is also very knowledgable.  It is a great skill to be able to impart lots of information and yet have your audience laughing and enjoying every minute.  Advice such as 'don't knacker yourself' and 'don't squeeze your compost' is always good in my book.  There was actually a lot of talk about squeezing and squeezed compost which was very interesting and has definitely made me think more about compost and the conditions compost likes.  Whilst I might not be the greatest container gardener I learned some good tips that I will definitely try out.  There was a lot more to the talk but I am not going to give further spoilers, I am sure Christine would prefer it if I just mentioned she has a new book out on container gardening.
Wandering around the stock yard I went to say hello to my favourite pot.  Its beginning to feel like a pilgrimage now, I don't know how I would cope if someone else bought the dalek pot.
The planted up pots were looking fantastic.  The tulips are just about over but are still at that wonderful where they are over-blown but have a blousey fantasticness all of their own.
I had a moment of elephant coveting as well.
I think I might want an elephant.
I bought a couple or three smallish pots and also three rather nice pelagoniums from the Fibrex Nursery stall that was there.  I bought Lord Bute, it is compulsory to buy Lord Bute because it has a depth of colour to die for.  I also came away with Pelagonium 'Attar of roses' which has a scent to die for and a species hybrid pelagonium 'Ardens' which was just to die for in general.
There was one rather sad moment though, the first time I visited Whichford I found the nursery where the pots are grown, this time I found the graveyard where old pots go to their final resting place.  Sad, forgotten and lonely there they rest and wait for redemption.  I nearly shed a tear.
Anyway, now to save up for the bulb sale in September......