Tree following - April

Last month I joined in the memo of 'tree following' hosted by Lucy at Loose and Leafy.  So April is my first update of following my quince tree.
Now you could say that a tree is not going to move very much, but in terms of growth my quince has moved on lots.  It had a spray of green this time last month, but now the leaves are coming out, they were a very limey green at first and I was delighted to see a ladybird wandering around hopefully disposing of any aphids.
Early in the month there was the hint that there might be buds wrapped up in the parcel of leaves as they began to unfurl.
Now it is definite that buds have formed, lots of buds.  The leaves are losing their initial brightness and getting bigger.  The big question is will this be the year I harvest my first quince?  I am, in truth, living in hope.  I am holding off looking for quince jelly recipes just yet though.