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Dear (insert name of favourite problem page)

My Magnolia 'Fairy Blush' is poorly, it has been declining pretty much from day 1 of planting which was two years ago.  At first I thought it was just sulking, many plants sulk after being planted and I had no reason to believe that Fairy Blush was not just having a teenage moment and refusing to get out of bed.
But then the leaves started to get that yellow look, yes, that yellow look that means all is not well. Following the yellow look came the brown dying leaf look, this is never a good look.
But I hear you cry, you claim to have acid soil, why does it look so poorly when your soil should make it happy?
I thought the same,  I thought the same.  My only conclusion is that the specific area where I planted it is not as acid as some other parts of the garden.  What am I to do?
best wishes
Worried of Leicester

Dear Worried of Leicester

You have answered your own problem, you know you have other areas of the your garden that has more acid soil, so move the plant, yes, move it, its looks like it might not last where it is so what's to lose?
You have written as if you think the shrub is dying, so if it dies as a result of moving it you have lost nothing.  If you move it and it improves then all will be well.  It might be worth after moving it giving it a good feed, just to set it off on the right path.

Good luck!

Yours exasperated with answering self-evident problems
Aunty Jean 


  1. Funny post Alison! Sometimes when indecision is looming, the best remedy is disassociation :)

  2. I would move it or at least get a big planter with acid soil in while it is recovering and see what happens Happy Easter

  3. I had a Skimmia with a similar dilemma, although the cause I think was poor drainage. Aunty Jean telepathically issued me the same advice. Problem solved!

  4. Love this. Sometimes when I get really stuck with someone who can't find their way out of a conflict or problem I suggest they talk to themselves as they think their best friend might. Can be transformative...

  5. Very good, talking to yourself usually gets the right answer!

  6. Hmm, its my edgeworthia that is giving me cause for concern at the moment, the newly unfurling leaves have a definite yellowish tint to them. I'll talk to myself, and Google, see what happens...

    1. The recent frosts have hit my edgeworthia and made it yellow a bit, I keep mine well fed with liquid seaweed this time of year, it seems to help it recover

    2. I was thinking about putting some bonemeal down but thank you, liquid seaweed makes perfect sense, I will do that tomorrow.


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