A mention for the butterfly and moth

As regular readers will know I very rarely promote things for other people though I do confess to a bit of plant trialling (always clearly mentioned as such when I am).  Anyway, I was contacted the other day to ask if I would give a mention for Butterfly Conservation.
Now how can you refuse a butterfly?  They are just too pretty and too delicate and this time of year is the magic moment when the box is opened and they all start fluttering around with increasing frequency.
There is a specific reason why they were looking for a mention, they are currently offering half price membership to people who sign up for membership using direct debit if you use the code GARDEN50.  The first 100 people to sign up will receive a pack of free seeds which will be a butterfly/moth attracting flower such as Phlox, Pot Marigolds or Cornflowers.  There is not a choice of which you will receive if you are lucky enough to be in the first 100, you just get pot-luck!  This half-price membership is valid for all of April (April 1st until the 30th).

A further benefit to being a member is that you receive a copy of a new gardening booklet which details how to encourage butterflies and moths into your garden as an exclusive benefit to their members.
This is a worthy cause in my view, my garden would be a less bright place without butterflies or moths.


  1. Definitely a worthy cause! I am hoping to see more than tortoiseshells and cabbage whites this year...


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