Tree following - where's my runcible spoon?

Lucy at Loose and Leafy has this great idea to follow a tree for year.  The idea is that you follow the same tree, showing what it is doing on the same day every month for a year.  I did not have to think twice about this idea.  For one thing its just a great idea, but also I am already watching my quince, or more correctly 'Cydonia oblonga 'Vranja'.
It is still quite a young tree, now in its fourth year of being in the garden.  From year 1 it had one or two blossoms, last year it had several blossoms, I got very excited hoping and hoping for my first quince.  Alas this was all to no avail, so this year I am on quince-watch again.  Will this be the year?

Time will tell!