The Blackberry Tales 10 - I've got your number

I was wandering around the garden, as you do, camera in hand looking for emerging snowdrops.  They are on their way up now so I was having to be careful not to walk on them in the grass of the Wild Garden so my eyes were looking at the ground when I saw a leaf that caught my eye.  On it very clearly written was a number 1.
I bent down to look closer at this leaf, it definitely had a number 1 marked on it in dead grass stalks.  This was no accident of nature, this could only be deliberate,  but what does it mean?

Is it the front door of the worm who lives at No: 1 Wormhole, Wormsville?

Is it the sign that the first clue of the treasure hunt is hidden under this leaf?

Could it be that this was the number 1 leaf on the tree?
I reckon he knows something about this mystery.

Any of the above seem possible, it will remain the number 1 mystery for this week......

oh - that's what it means - now the light dawns.


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