On a frosty morning

After many days of rain we have now returned to having frosts.  This morning was quite a deep frost and the saturated ground is now frozen.  It is difficult to do much in the garden at the moment but that is alleviated by the blue sky
the pattens of the frost
and maybe more time spent watching birds on the feeder than usual
I am not a 'bird watcher' as such, but like most people and probably most gardening people I do love watching the birds flit to and from the feeders.  I like that I can attracts lots of different birds into the garden.
I think this is a female bullfinch, which really ought to be called a cowfinch.
This is a fantastically rubbish photograph of a thrush, but it was being shy and was the best I could manage.
Heaven forbid anyone would think I was just wasting time really just staring out of the window whilst I made a cup of tea.  Time well spent I think.


  1. Yes, we have the first frosts too. I am so glad, it is much better than those grey and rainy days.

  2. I wish we had frosts instead of the snow, ice and freezing rain. My last few blog posts and photos about our recent ice storm tell a very sad story. (glenvilla.blogspot.com)

  3. I always quite like frosts it feels more wintery somehow. We had coal tits in the garden first thing...until the cat went out :)


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