The season turns again

We are at the shortest day again, the Winter Solstice was yesterday and the daylight will get longer minute by minute.

When I am walking around the garden I realise just how much is starting to grow already, the whilst at the start of Winter, Spring is already making its move.
There have been some frosts already, but the snow has yet to arrive.  There is no doubt it will arrive, at which point I shall worry for all this new growth and be hoping that it sees it through to the other side.  Experience tells me much of it will.
 I love seeing the glimmers of life sprouting up from this year's now dead-looking growth.
There are lots of buds on the trees too:
This willow is getting ready to flower,
The fluffy Magnolia stellata buds are ready to go,
The winter honeysuckle is on the verge of flowering,
the amalanchiar
and the Sorbus Cashmeiriana have buds swelling;
the yellow hamamelis is already trying to flower,
the corkscrew hazel is getting ready for catkins.
The rhododendron lutea and
the camellia have buds ready to flower
the hellebores are gearing up
The edgeworthia is still not yet dead,
and by the front door the Sarcococca confusa is looking wonderful with its black berries and is just coming into flower and starting to smell sweetly.

The daylight has reached its shortest and the season takes another turn; the signs of hope and new growth are everywhere.


  1. It's beautiful to see isn't it? Spring just around the corner. Hurrah!

  2. I know what you mean by shoots appearing everywhere throughout the garden, its like the last thing the garden needs now is a cold snap.
    I'm sure we will all be happy with a very early Spring. ;-)
    Happy Christmas.

  3. It's nice to see all those buds and new shoots but I don't hope it goes too fast for we get very often hard frost in January and February.
    Wish you a very Merry Christmas!

  4. I love to see all these signs of new growth. All those plump buds!
    And your Edgeworthia? How long have you kept it going? I love it so much but can never get it through the winter.

    1. Hi - I bought the Edgeworthia in February this year, so it's seen some snow but never a whole winter before with me. I have lost a couple previously so this is my last attempt at growing one.


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