End of Month Review - November 2013

So we reach November, the end of the year is rushing towards us.  November has been fairly standard this year, its been foggy, rainy (very rainy at times) moments of mildness and the starting of the frost.  This means that at the moment the garden is at that turning point of dying down and flashes of colour.
That I am still happy with my front garden after more than a year of it looking like this, is probably a minor miracle.  I still struggle with pernicious weeds but they are easier to deal with now it has all been simplified down.  The box knot garden is coming together well and in general it has behaved itself this year.
The gravel garden is still green, its a bit underwhelming really, but it is what it is and I like it as it self-develops.
There is also the pot-sanctuary, this is the waiting room where they wait to be filled, or wait to be emptied, or, wait to be moved to their rightful place when their season returns.  I have decided what is going to go into the dalek pot, but I cannot plant it up until Spring so that will be an ongoing story.
The Bird Feeder border still has some colour from the red rose and the Manx fuchsia.  This border still displeases me but not enough for me to really take action with it, I really should sort it out.
The cardoons in the Coal Bunker Border are donning their fluffy hats.
In the Courtyard the primroses are having a bit of a flower.
and the camellia is looking like it might flower well next year.
The view across the Conservatory Border shows a golden autumnal garden.  I rather like this view.
I have fixed the rose arch that had been blown to near-bits by the recent heavy winds, which meant that Rosa Mme Alfred Carriere had to be severley pruned back, but she will spring back ok next year so it is no bad thing.
There is still colour in the Conservatory Border, this Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve' has moved house with me several times, I regularly take cuttings to ensure I always have at least one in the garden at any set time.  It flowers and flowers and flowers but is quite shortlived; a fantastic plant though and I would be sorry not to have it.
Last year's winter pansies in the concrete planter have started to flower again.
This Eucalyptus tree bought several years ago now is really doing well.  It is a strong grower and I love the red stemmed new growth.  When I say 'strong grower' that roughly translates as 'I had better keep an eye on it as it might get far too big'.
The view back to the house from the side of the Prairie Borders is rather pleasing this time of year.  The grasses are still lovely and blond and the skeletons of the echinops and verbascums look good.  The birds and insects like them too.
The beech pillars, which are still not very pillar like, have grown well this year.  I planted five and two died, I planted two more and they died, so the rule of 'three failed plantings and you're out' came into play and I gave them one last chance.  Yes, that is why there are only three and will remain only three.  These three are now starting to get a little height, which is good, I think I want them to be four or five feet tall before I start trying to make them bush out more to be pillars.  Its a good job I am not thinking of moving in the near future.

The Woodland Border and Bog Garden has had an extension, it now has a spur which has been planted with iris and heathers.  You can't really see the heathers as they are very small and I need more, but they will come from cuttings in the new year.
There is still some colour in the Woodland Border, these Antirrhinums have flowered for months.
The teasel patch is supplying food for the finches.
One of my favourite trees, Sorbus casmiriana, has been a joy this year.  I planted it last year and was thrilled that it has flowered and produced berries.  They really do hang like pearls on these gorgeous red stems.
The field maple that is, quite frankly, dull and overlooked all year, is having its moment to make its presence felt.  It is shedding its golden loveliness.
The pleached hornbeans are looking pleachy.
The Four Sisters seem to be settling into Autumn and they have promised, promised, that they will grow really well next year.
We will, however, now have having Edgeworthia Watch, as I anxiously check this little love to ensure that it makes it through the Winter.  If everyone could keep their fingers crossed please.
The veg borders are looking cabbagy and purple sprouting broccoli-y.
The Long Shoot is looking good following its re-shape and noticeable in particular is...
...these sedums.  This year their colour has been fantastic.  They are the plant of the moment I think.
I end, as ever, on the pond.  It needs cleaning out, the leaves removing and the parrot weed, but the pond has had a good year.   It has not really dropped far in depth and has been quite clear and algae-free.  When I took this photograph it had it's first light sheen of ice.

Thanks as ever to Helen for hosting this meme.


  1. I really like that view of the conservatory bed, and the prairy garden looks wonderful too, love all those tawny grass heads. You beech pillars clearly felt five was a crowd - they will be a fabulous feature though, when do you prune them? I have a beech tree I am trying to tame by containing it into a neat fat column. Must get my prunign book out. Fingers crossed for your edgeworthia, I am nervous about mine, it is shedding leaves, which I wasn't expecting. Your pond is wonderful, if only I had a little more room... Actully, cancel that, I have more than enough on my plate!

    1. Hi - I haven't pruned the beech pillars yet, I am waiting for them to get to the height I want then I shall start. Hopefully they will bush out more then too. Thanks for the nice comments :)

  2. That Sorbus is lovely, I am really getting into them. I can see a couple finding their way in next year.

  3. The field maples are fantastic this year aren't they. They sit there all year, unnoticed for months then suddenly, wow, everywhere is golden, I've not seen them this bright before!

  4. Ice on the pond! Already! We have only had one light frost so far. I love the textures of your garden and that your borders have names like mine.
    Thanks for being such a supporter of this meme

    1. Yes had ice a couple of times now, not too thick yet as yet. I love naming the different areas of the garden, once I had named the Dancing Lawn I think it spiralled from there.

  5. Enjoyed your EOMV Alison. Your pot sanctuary looks familiar although I've not got a Dalek lurking in mine. The cardoon with its silky seed head is going on to the wishlist :)

  6. Beech pillars, now that sounds interesting. It is so great to see your garden develop season by season.


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