Berry deficit

I do not have enough berries, I feel bereft of berries, I need more berries in my garden.

I do have the wonderful Sorbus Cashermeiriana which I bought last year and already brought great joy to my garden.  You know when you think you like something and that you might like to have one, and then when you do get one it is even better than you had imagined - that.
I have a lovely little Virburnum opulus, but this has yet to flower as it is really quite small.  Last year I also bought a Euonymus largely for its autumn appeal and whilst it had a few teeny-tiny flowers this year, it is yet to berry.

The Sarcocca by the front door does have some lovely dark berries, enough to make me realise what a wonderful plant this is and I shall be taking cuttings from it in the new year.
 The three Symphoricarps, which became two as one died, have not yet flowered either, but I do have these Physalis alkekengi 
This starts as just a long tale of lots of berry-bearing capability but lack of maturity to provide any.  The patience that I think is key to all gardening is clearly not much in evidence today.  So I wander around the garden and think about this a bit more.

I look around for signs of hope, well there are of course some good berries/fruits on offer.  The roses are flashing their hips around.
There are plenty of haws on the trees
and the Crab Apple Rudolf has a manky, half-rotten apple looking a little sorry for itself but in my world this is a good effort.  It is only in its second year and had quite a few apples this time so I expect even better next year.
I also found this tiny, yet beautifully beady black berry on the Manx jasmine.  Now this plant often makes me sigh rather than smile, yes it has beautiful pink flowers but it is such a thug, it sends runners up everywhere.  The discovery of a berry has made me smile at it again, maybe its redeeming features outweigh the bad?
There are also the tiny olivettis on the olive tree in the courtyard.  
So more berries than I had thought on first sight, but I still need more; next year I predict will be berry-tastic!  Until then maybe if I bought a beret that would make me feel better?

and a song, I like to end on a song and there would have been a song but I could not find a decent link, so if you could all hum Raspberry Beret please.

thank you.


  1. Hi - please what is a Manx jasmine? Xx

  2. Hi I call it that because it was bought on the Isle of Man, (unlike the Manx fuchsia which is actually sold as that - but only on the Isle of Man) really it is called Jasminum Bessanium, it is very pretty but sends up runners everywhere.

  3. The Physalis is beautiful, it could be gold filigree work, nature always gets there first, we can but copy!

  4. A beret could only help ;-) I do love that feeling of joy you get when a plant you have hummed and hahed over for ages surpasses your hopes. The patience thing often catches me out, I am really good at it for what feels like vast stretches of time and then, for instance, I look at my tiny dogwoods and want to tug at them to make them grow taller and make the statement I know they eventually will!

  5. I love those Sorbus berries - my friend down the road has one and I've been coveting its berries throughout the wreath making season. I contained my sneaky secateur vices, however, and resisted temptation. They are stunning berries though.


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