The Blackberry Garden Plant of the Year Award

I know its only nearing the end of November, but  there is no point in putting this off, its been fairly clear all year which plant or group of plants was going to win the 'plant of year' award so I might as well go ahead an award it.  This is, as I hope you would expect by now, a totally made-up by me pointless award, but a bit of gratitude for a great performer is always a good thing to bestow.

So who has won?  Is it a poppy you might ask?  Well I know I am incredibly predictable but no, not a poppy.  Much as I love them and don't get me wrong, they have performed well this year, but no, not outstandingly, gob-smackingly well.  They have been great, but no more than I would usually expect.
Is it a dahlia?  Again they are a group of flowers I dearly love, but they have been a bit of a curate's egg, good in parts.
What about scabiosa crown, a new addition to the garden that I have been very fond of this year and a plant I will definitely grow next year?  No, it did well and got close, but it was outshone.
Was it Rosa Sir Clough?  This rose is fast becoming my favourite rose, there is something about the colour and the shape of it that I just love.  My one slight criticism is that the scent is a bit weak, if it had the scent of a Gertrude Jekyll or even Rosa Portmeirion, it would probably be perfect.`  The two of these roses that I have flowered well, I am pleased with them, but no, they are not plant of year, they are a 'not quite'.
The winner is..........
Rosa Hyde Hall, the hedge of which creates a divide between the formal garden and the vegetable garden.  It is almost a hedge, it is now not really possible to walk through it which means it is stopping being a row of plants and now being a hedge.
It was one of the first roses to start to flower,

It provided for indoor flowers when other roses were having a rest,
and it is still flowering now.  A truly deserved win.

Which plant has been the best in your garden this year?


  1. Haha, nice post you made me curious about the winner. Hyde Hall looks indeed a wonderful rose, a rose which forms a beautiful hedge and is flowering from spring to almost December, must be a winner.

  2. That is a beauty! Bit of a big beast though, isn't it? Don't think I quite have room in my garden. What kind of size are you planning on keeping the hedge to, Alison?

    1. I want it to get quite big - I want it to be quite a tall hedge to be a divide between the veg garden and the rest of the garden, its currently about 3foot tall, I would like 5 foot.

  3. You certainly seem to have chosen a winner there, definitely a beautiful rose and flowering non stop, it deserves its winners prize! I'm hard pushed to name a winner from the garden here, there are so many plants that I wouldn't want to be without, how do I choose!

  4. I love that rose Hyde Hall- but then how do you choose a favourite rose ? They are all gorgeous. That Scabious is lovely too. My best plant varies from day to day. Whatever is looking perfect at that particular moment. At the moment its Galanthus elwesii 'Barnes' Chloris.

  5. Not a poppy!! A nice rose, looks well deserved of the honor you bestowed it!

  6. Great posting today. You had me wondering who won! Nice to visit again. Jack

  7. Pretty and prolific, a good combination. I presume it has a good scent too? How exciting that it has finally achieved hedge status.

  8. Oooh you kept me guessing till the end. I thought you might go for Sweet Pea! Great blog, got me thinking about my garden. Think my star of this year was Cosmos

  9. Alison, if you don't mind: does Hyde Hall produce hips??? Thanks, Nate


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