October begins

"October Awakening

I saw october awakening right infront of me
And it was amazing
Because I Knew that I was going to be a part of october"
Aldo Kraas
There is something almost spidery about their seed heads at this point in time.
There is still plenty of colour,
The birds and wasps are seeing to the wildfalls.


  1. What a lovely, lovely post. This really made me smile on a wet and wintery friday afternoon, so thank you!

  2. Lovely pictures, can smell Autumn just looking at them!

  3. I love Autumn, and that smell you get in the air is rather magical, laced with woodsmoke as people light fires again. You seem to be further in to it than us though, the only leaves going yellow are the hostas as yet.

  4. I like October too, you put it so well. The colours and smells in the garden go through subtle changes as the year winds down and some days are so warm and sunny as though September doesn't want to let go.

  5. Eek! Autumn colours are nice but we're not ready yet for the cold months ahead.... Nice shots!

  6. Thanks for the kind words. We've just had a lovely sunny, warm October weekend, we are being spoiled at the moment.


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