Remote Control

It is often said that people talk a lot about the weather, this is a charge I cannot possibly deny as I am positively obsessed with the weather.  Every day I check the forecast,I check the various apps on my phone to see what the weather would be.  It matters you see, if I only have the weekend to garden I need to know if one day will be better than another.  If I need to mow the lawn can it wait until Sunday or is Saturday the only chance I have?  Apparently as I write this it is due to rain at about 4pm, so if I want to get the grass cut today (and I do) I must get out there before 3pm as it takes an hour-ish to do it. 
So how much better would it be if there was a remote control?  If we could truly choose the weather and have it reach its perfect balance.  Except would it the perfect balance, in reality it would be the balance we decide we want, which will suit what it is we are trying to do or grow.  Then add into this how big an area will the remote work for?  Will it cover acres, miles or could you choose just a few square feet?
What if you did not like breezy weather, so you chose a perfectly still day every day, what would our wind pollinated plants do then?  What if your neighbour wanted a downpour of rain and you wanted a nice sunny day?  What if the remote control was in the hands of the large corporations who wanted to ensure the perfect weather for their specific cash crops? 
So as with any remote the big question would be, what exactly does it control and very importantly who controls it. 
I think it is probably not such a good idea after all.

Lets end on a song, not had a song for while and this is a good one.


  1. I have a remote like that, its always in the vice-like grip of my BF's hand...! :-(

  2. Haha, I am so glad we have no control about the weather. Nice post!

  3. Yes the remote idea - but I think it best to "go with the flow" and let nature lead. It will if we want that or not. Best not to get frustrated. Must be my age!!!!! JC


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