Plantify plant trial - Update 2

I have already written an update to my Plantify plant trial earlier this year.  Now is the time to update on a couple of other plants that they sent me.

Firstly the Anemone x hybrida 'Robustissima' which is just coming into flower.  It has lots of buds on it and has turned into a good healthy plant.  I can say no more in praise of it than that as that is really all you need to know.  It is a pretty flower and I am very fond of anemones, I know some can get a bit thuggy but I would risk it for this plant.
Then there is the Aster x frikartii 'Monch', now this is fantastic plant.  I cannot praise it highly enough, its been flowering for weeks now and shows no sign of stopping.
As a confirmed disliker of pastels, this pale lilac flower has won me over and I adore how it looks with the orangey/yellow crocosmia.  It has bushed up well this year and whilst I admit I am quite an aster fan, this rather small one is not unassuming, it is definitely one to find room for.

Finally there was the rose, 'Millie', it is healthy enough and it has had one flower which sadly was gone before I managed to photograph it.  It has not produced any further buds as yet which is a bit of a shame but I often find that roses take a year or two to settle in so I do not hold that against it as it certainly looks healthy enough and is growing well.  I think the rose remains 'work in progress'.


  1. Coincidence - my Aster frikatii Monch is next to Crocosmia Solfaterre, they do look so well together, the aster has flowered for ages and still loads of buds to come.

  2. I had this combination once too. Aster long gone to great compost heap in the sky. It couldn't keep up and just dwindled away. Tried once or twice before I gave up...Solfaterre still going strong against what is now much worse competition.


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