We're not at home to Mrs Smug

It is fair to say that my relationship with vegetables is a little strained.  When younger I ate very few vegetables unless they came from a tin.  As I got older this situation did improve but I still eat virtually no salad at all (I can manage to odd lettuce leaf or bit of rocket but nothing else). I've been growing a limited amount of vegetables for quite a few years now and that has changed how I feel and how I cook.

Usually I grow potatoes, some onions and garlic and a few peas and french beans.  Last year I successfully grew some sweetcorn and had success with purple sprouting broccoli.  I also grow courgettes but for once I struggled with them last year, the usual glut never appeared. Still, it was a good veg year for me.
Spurred on by this I am growing pretty much the same things, spuds, peas, beans (broad and french), onions, garlic, and courgettes.  I am also growing cabbage and spring greens for the first time and purple sprouting broccoli.  This has caused a bit of a problem, I haven't actually got enough room in the veg beds for as much as I want to plant. This has caused me to step back and reassess. 

After years of always thinking that growing potatoes is the thing to do, I am now wondering if this is the case. They do take up a lot of room and whilst home grown ones do taste wonderful they are not exactly expensive to buy.  Maybe I should grow less so that I can grow more peas and beans and sweetcorn?  If the spring greens are successful I will want to grow more of them. I also haven't mentioned the asparagus, I did have two crowns, I think one has died but I did get two spears from the other.  I would like to plant a couple more crowns.
So this is all good, except, except......
.... I'm slightly worried about becoming a bit smug about it all.  I don't want to be a veg-growing bore (oh have you seen the size of my pea harvest this year, oh no, I never buy onions I grow all I can eat, this year I am only growing the heritage Mexican tree-climbing tomato from seeds I have flown in from Wales etc).  I know it is worthy to grow your own veg, but I think it probably shows a weakness in my character because I can't get that excited by veg and maybe because at times it feels like it edges over into being smug. So every time I write post about my amazing veg growing prowess you have my full permission to remind me not to be smug and present me with a tin of processed peas.