The Trial 9 - a rose grown from seed

I have grown some wild roses from seed before now, but most times I have tried to grow roses this way I have failed.  More often than not I cannot seem to get them to germinate.  Last year as part of the Thompson and Morgan trial I was sent some Rosa Garden Party seeds.  I sowed them but I considered it a fruitless (roseless?) endeavour and probably doomed to failure like my other attempts.
I was wrong.  About six little roses germinated, I was very excited.  I duly planted them out to see if they would flower.
They are miniature roses and they did flower last year.  They were small, unassuming sort of plants and whilst pretty, I did not think they had great prescence.
Anyway, they all made it through the winter ok and now this year they are starting to flower away again quite happily.  They work ok at the front of a border and I think will bush up quite well this year.  They are a good little plant and above all else, I am still impressed that I grew them from seed successfully.


  1. I wish my wild roses wouldn't seed themselves everywhere! I'm forever finding babies in random places... I probably wouldn't mind if they were smaller like these, but mine are a good 8foot tall and just as wide!

  2. Well done, it's good when your efforts are rewarded! I've grown quite a few roses from hardwood cuttings, but never tried with seed before.

  3. I also have tried roses from seed but they were Rugosas. They did sprout and this summer is their 2nd year. They have not bloomed yet but I hope they do next year. I have about 7 one foot tall plants.


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