The Trial 8 - we got through the winter and into Spring

Its been a while since I did an update on my trialling of plants for Thompson and Morgan, but now that Spring appears to have arrived suddenly there is stuff to report on again.

First there are the daffodils.  I planted them in pots so that I could keep an eye on them and know which ones they were more easily.

I really like this daffodil, it is tiny and delicate and it seems like the fragile stems will not really hold up the flower heads.  It is wafty and beautiful, great for a pot by the front door and I think I will buy some for next year as I would like more.  They would do well at the front of a border too I think.
Daffodil 'Yazz' is not a colour I would choose to buy myself, it looks a little deeper orange than it actually is in this photograph and its a little too peachy for my liking.  However it has grown well and has a bit of a scent, if you like the colour then this is a good daff.
This one is 'Prom Dance', it has wonderful scent and again is a great one for a pot by the front door (yes the postman has to wade through many pots to get to my front door).  I liked this one a lot too.
After all that careful potting up and labelled, the label faded on this one, it might be called Regeneration, it might not be but whatever I shall call it Reg.  It has a really good scent and a good colour.  All the daffodils flowered well and for a long time.  I think every bulb bloomed and you can't say much better than that.  These have been good.

Now to the pansies.
The colours are dark and I like dark.  The ones I put in pots have flowered all winter.  This one has been snowed on and frosted and still it keeps on going.  The ones I planted in the borders pretty much disappeared, I blame slugs.
The primroses have also been excellent and in the last couple of weeks have suddenly burst into colour.  I would say that I prefer the pale yellow wild version best, and to a point I do, but these have been such welcome colour that I have been really pleased with them.
The concrete planter that I never know what to do with has benefitted from the pansies and the primroses.
This is Acer 'Orange Beauty', I have three of these, one in the front garden, one in the Wild Garden and one in the Spring Border.  It is only about six inches tall but has survived a couple of frosts and is growing well.  This is the one in the Wild Garden and it must get more sun than the other two as it is slightly more advanced.
I finish with my Spring Border, this has really come into its own this year and partly inspired by the Thompson and Morgan plants.  I loved the colours so much and I wanted to expand this garden so these plants have urged me on to find them a home.
I think they have made this border sparkle a bit.

I have also sown various seeds for the trial, once they get going a bit I will report back.