A moment of beauty

At any set time I have a favourite flower, this might be a time of year or even a time of day, but at that particular moment in time, I can look at something in my garden and say 'at this moment you are the one'.  At this moment tulips are taking up a disproportionate amount of that favour.
Let's face it though, they are very beautiful.  They are fleeting, here one day gone a few days later.  They have their season and they are gone.
Apparently tulips are the symbol of perfect love.  There is something of perfection about a tulip.

Tulips originate from Persia, they are grown now extensively in Holland and various other parts of Europe.  At one time the Dutch got over excited by tulips, its much reported I have no need to go further into this.
There are some myths about tulips:  one from Iran is that when a young solder dies patriotically a red tulip will grow on his grave.  Another is that a Persian legend of a young man who threw himself off a cliff when he heard his love was dead.  Tulips grew where his body fell.  Sadly apparently his lover was not dead as a jealous rival had lied to him.   So not many cheerful myths on tulips unfortunately.
They are, however, a moment of beauty.


  1. Dear Papaver
    I totally agree - tulips are my 'flower of the moment' too. I am slightly obsessed by them this year.
    What a vibrant and beautiful selection you have there.
    Best wishes

    1. Dear Ellie, thanks for your comment. I have decided it's perfectly understandable to be obsessed with such a great flower :) x

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  3. Tulips are definitely beautiful, I have had my first success this year with them, they are all planted in an old tin bath so that the mice, voles and squirrels can't eat them. They were over planted with pansies and it worked, the bath is in full flower!

  4. You have some very fine tulips there Alison, a woman of taste ;)


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