The sorting of the seeds

Spring is officially here and my mind turns to seed sowing.  My mind also says wait and be patient, do not sow too soon there is still some frost to be had.  Then my mind says, look out of the window it keeps on snowing!

This week the last of my seed orders arrive (when I say last I mean the last large one, there may be one or two panic buys later).   It was a fine day so I decided it was time to sort through the seeds.

This entails firstly working through the various packets and boxes and starting to categorise.  I separate the flower and vegetable seeds.  I also throw away the seeds that never got sown if I think that a) I just don't want to grow that any more and/or b) they are several years past their sell-by date and I think they are a lost cause.
Then I separate out the ones I want to sow today and the ones that have to wait for a few weeks more.  When a few more weeks have passed I will then re-categorise again as some will have to wait until May before being sowed.  It is a constant reviewing and re-categorising process, it is very soothing.
This year in particular the sorting of the seeds made me smile a lot.  In amongst the seeds where the various notes and cards that had been sent with them from Twitter friends who I have bought seed from or whom I have swapped seeds with.  Each of these seeds feels just that little bit more personal.  It will be a good year this year I predict.

If it ever stops snowing.......