End of Month Review - April 2013

After a long, long Winter we finally reached April and the weather finally started to acknowledge that it really is Spring.  It is not an understatement to say that it was a huge relief to feel a bit of warmth return.  Persephone has been allowed back from the Underworld, all is well.

So, to the garden.  Lets start with the front garden.
In the last couple of days the Magnolia by the front gate has finally decided to flower.  I am hoping that it will not get frosted like last year.  It is about five weeks behind when it flowered last year but it is smothered in flowers and as always it reminds me of when I first came to look at this house; the magnolia alone nearly sold it to me.
The side lawn is a bit shaggy, it needs a cut but I wanted the crocii that are planted in it to have a chance to gather some energy for next year before mowing.
The main part of the garden is getting a little weedy, I will attend to this.
The quince hedge is flowering.  It is almost looking a bit less like three random twigs, though it is exaggerating to call it a hedge.  I rarely mention the hedge but I think I should more now that it is actually becoming something.  Last year's rain seems to have helped it a lot.
The gravel garden is looking green.
Though this little patch has been brightened by some Thompson and Morgan primroses that are trial plants they have sent to me.
The back garden now has some flashes of colour.  Stuff is growing with gusto now there has been some sun and also a bit of much needed rain.
The four sisters are putting on some growth but are not really shining yet.
The wild garden is starting to look a bit more wild, the trees are getting leaf, the Trentham Magnolia Stellata is flowering well and
the frittilaria are doing very well this year.
I can see buds forming on the quince, I did not get any blossom last year so I am hopeful this year I will.  One step at a time, get blossom first before getting excited about getting a quince.
There are flowers forming on the rowan.
The tree caterpillars are back (I know it is not a caterpillar really, humour me).
This is another Thompson and Morgan trial plant, Acer Orange Beauty, so far so good.
The amalanchier is just stunning this year.  So pleased with it.
The prairie borders are looking good still and new growth is appearing.
The woodland border is mainly a sea of blue forget me nots, I love this time of year.
The Spring border is looking very springy.  I am very pleased with it.  This border is slowly creeping larger.
Even the random concrete planter that I never quite know what to do with is looking good at the moment.
In the conservatory border I think these Doronicums are the starts, I grew them from seed two years ago and they are just sunshine embodied.
The Coal Bunker Border is mainly aqueligias.  I wonder if I have too many, we'll see.
The nigella and the poppies are on their way (starts singing Oh Happy Day and dancing badly).
The new magnolia stellata is sitting by the pond on the edge of the grassy knoll, it seems happy.
The peonies are in bud,
well one is, the rest look pretty much like this, but I love the red edge to the growth.
The veg beds do contain veg: potatoes, peas, broad beans, onions and garlic so far and
horseradish, a twitter friend sent me a couple of roots and I am delighted they are starting to grow.
The rain chain into the new water but is guiding the rain (and melting hail) well.  I am very pleased with it.
I end as ever on the pond, which I have to say is actually getting a little low.  Not scary low, but lower than it has been for a while.
The tadpoles are happy enough though, they have set up their one way system again as it is teeming with life.  I don't think I have ever seen it this full before.

Thanks as ever to Helen for hosting this meme.  With the sudden rush of Spring I am now looking forward to what May will bring.


  1. So many new growth there Alison, and love your prairie border!

    Hopefully the good weather continues, cross fingers! Things are still generally later than usual but I can imagine they will all catch up in sync to the season

  2. I look forward to your end of month reviews. It's great watching the garden come to life month by month.

  3. Its all looking like spring is definately here. You had me with the tree caterpillar for a moment!! I do like your rain chain as well

  4. Definitely lots to dance around to, however badly! Love the rain chain. Looking good!

  5. Thanks for all the kind comments.

  6. Such a lot going on. I love this time of year! Have you lost much over the winter? I am still waiting for some friends to appear but I am beginning to wonder.


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