Chesney - the flame that burned twice as brightly

It is with more sadness than I can say I am writing about the death of the beautiful, the fluffy, the charismatic but always idiotic Chesney. His brief life came to an end after he got involved in a car accident. Some kind person took him to an emergency pet hospital but it was too late. I don't know the name of who took him in, but I am more grateful than I can say.  Thankfully Chesney was microchipped so the hostpital could let me know.

Chesney came to live with us after being found up a tree, then got stuck up a few more trees, before settling down to general ridiculousness. He was not directly named after Mr Hawkes (even though he was the one and only), he was named after Chesney Battersby Brown in Coronation Street as we were watching that when his rescue took place. For two interesting years Chesney has been my constant companion, a friend but alpha-male competitor with Geoffrey cat, the only true friend Lawrence cat has ever had and the bane of Austin cat's life. They will all miss him in their own way and I will at least return to slightly less scary-cat-womanhood as I have 25% less cattage.

He was fluffy,
He was adorable,
He loved being in the greenhouse when I was,
He was a bit bonkers,
He was a great companion.
Farewell Chesney Fluffybum, cat amongst cats, too fast to live, too young to die, you will truly be missed. The choice is being made of which plant will be bought to commemorate you in the garden.  It has to be something special, something a bit flashy and something that will remind me of him.  I expect that when I find the right plant I will know it.