The amaryllis in the spotlight

I have been growing amaryllis for many years.  I can remember my first one, I was astounded by the huge bulb and then the huge flamboyant flowers that followed.  I grew some from seed and I found them to be a great plant.  Then through a few house moves and various twists and turns in life I stopped growing them for a while.  About six years ago I saw one online that had a really pretty flower and I decided it was time to re-awaken my love affair with this plant.  It was duly bought and then pretty much neglected if truth be told.  This is a plant that refuses to give up, it flowers every year no matter what I do (or don't do) for it.  This year in particular it seems to be flowering magnificently, so it seemed worthy of a starring moment:
It might feel more honoured by its starring moment if I had made a note of its name, oops.  I make no claim to any real success with house plants.