February 9th again

Gosh February 9th has come around quickly this year hasn't it?  One minute it seems ages away and then pow! there it is, February 9th in all its glory.

I took this photo last year not quite on February 9th (actually on the 11th)
Apparently Chesney has long held a secret wish to learn to ice-skate.

I think some of you may be wondering why February 9th is worthy of note?

Is it because it is the date in 1979 when Nottingham Forest made the first £1m transfer deal for Trevor Francis? (ah those were the days she sighs wistfully....)

Is it because it is Alice Walker's birthday (The Color Purple etc)?

or is it to commenorate the day Bill Haley died?

could be.....

Actually no, none of the above, although all are worthy to remember.  February 9th is the second anniversary of this blog.

Happy birthday blog!

(oh, and as you would expect, when reading out the possibilities if you could do so in the voice of Hong Kong Fuey that would be much appreciated.  Thank you).