"All my beautiful wickedness"

"I'm melting! melting! Oh, what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness?" (The Wizard of Oz 1939)
The Wizard of Oz is always in my top 20 favourite films.  Films move up and down the list depending on what mood I am in, what day it is and probably what colour socks I have on.  It is fair to say though that Harvey (1950) is probably always at the top of the list.

Why is the Wizard of Oz on my mind, other than recently seeing a rather nice pair of red shoes recently which I think is always a subliminal need for ruby slippers (in the book they are silver, so assume I am talking film here).   I sometimes wonder if I am too influenced by Technicolor and that is why I like bright colours?  I do wonder why sometimes real-life seems not quite so bright.
Well it snowed the other day, a fair amount but thankfully not disruptive for too long where I live.  I did my usual thing of panicking and leaving work early as I got wound up about the journey home.  The next few days were of more snow and freezing temperatures leading to very icy and dangerous roads and pavements.  The garden remained buried under its carpet of snow for a whole week.  Yesterday saw the start of the change, there was sleet and then some rain and by the time I was awake and moving around I became aware of the sound of the snow thawing, the amazing drips and drops and thumps as water and lumps of snow fell all around me.  Without even blinking I start thinking "I'm melting, melting....." in my head I can see the greenness of the witch collapsing into nothing.  All the beautiful wickedness of the snow is melting away.

Snow is beautiful, white clean snow is an amazing sight.  There are few things as pristine as a snow-covered lawn just before the herd of cats decide to run around in circles on it.

Snow is also wicked, it is cold and wet.  It leads to hypothermia and death for those who are unable to find warm shelter.  It makes life difficult for animals to find food.  For people driving on the roads it creates huge danger and as public transport grinds to a halt it makes an everyday journey suddenly a huge task.  For people whose balance is not great, such as me, walking on pavements becomes a tricky thing as I negotiate my way trying desperately not to fall over.   I wish I still had that childlike wonder for snow when the worst that could happen would be the School would close for the day.  I don't remember them closing that often though in truth.

So at the weekends when I do not have to travel, when I can light the fire and keep warm I watch the snow with wonder and feel amazement at its beauty.
Then when it turns to that horrid dirty slush, that freezes and refreezes so that I fall over on the black-ice and I curse its beautiful wickedness, but I allow it its moment of beauty before the cursing starts.

and then it is gone, the sun is shining before the rain returns again.  I have not been able to garden for over two weeks now, I am looking forward to getting out there and looking for signs that Spring might not to too far away.


  1. I like The Wizard of Oz, too! As a child I was afraid of the Wicked Witch of the West, the look of her green face gave me creeps :)

    1. I was terrified of the the witch! She is one of the all time great screen-baddies

  2. i love the snow too .. so much nicer than the slush! I love the peace and quiet of the snow, how everything seems to have a blanket of quietness ...

  3. Lovely thoughtful piece. I still start of with the child-like wonder, but after a couple of days and it gets slippery and sloshy and it starts impacting on everyday life, it does loose its lustre. Negotiating pavements is as you say, very tricky. I wear my hiking boots everywhere as they have the best grip and ankle support. Which then makes me think - argh, I am getting older when I'm worrying about ankle support. At least more sensible too.

    I enjoy the snow, but waking up to the blue sky and greenry today, and then discovering some snowdrops ready to flower, I'm glad its gone. Will be nice to get back into the garden again. The birds seem happier too.

  4. What a lovely post, I hadn't realised the ruby slippers were an invention of the film, I suppose they show up better in Glorious Technicolor... I now have images from the film running round my head too. Along with thoughts of how grateful I am that (a) we've had very little snow and (b) I don't have to venture out in it if I don't want to. Not having to drive, or even walk far, certainly helps with the childlike wonder.

  5. As usual very capturing prose, wanting you to have more..When you publish your book I'll be the first to read it..


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