The Blackberry Tales 4 - the bowl

I have owned this bowl for many years, long before I moved to this house. It originally belonged to one of my great aunts who lived to be a great age dying not long before her 100th birthday. As a child she was the oldest person I knew and I found her and her house fascinating. When she had to leave her house this bowl became mine and I cherished it. I loved the green and the trellis work both inside and outside the rim. It is not made by anyone special, it has only sentimental value, but that value is incalculable to me.

So imagine my horror to come home one day last year to find that the kitten Chesney had done this:
I was mortified, I collected up the pieces and put them to one side so I could try and repair it.

I bought special glue, I kept looking at the pieces and thinking that I must tackle this task.

A year passed.

Then the other, rainy, day I realised it was time. So I began to fit the jigsaw together.

Ta Da!
However, if you turn it around you can see that I have not got all the bits and my talents do not lie in ceramic restoration.
So I have two choices, it is currently sitting on top of a bookshelf with the bad side turned to the wall, it looks ok from a distance so it could just remain as it is,


It could go into the 'one day I'm going to be a mosaic' box. One day I shall make a mosaic for the garden but I have to break a few more plates and mugs first.


  1. Naughty kitty! Either way, you get to keep it one form or the other which is important as it has sentimental value to you. Mosaic could look cool though!

  2. I really want to make a mosaic one day, I've been collecting broken stuff for a while, I just need to read up on what to do and have an idea of a design!

  3. I would definitely go the mosaic route, that way you will end up with both cherished memories and something beautiful


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