An Autumn Reveal

This willow, which I think is Salix 'Scarcuzam' but I am happy to be corrected, was bought from Painswick Rococco Gardens a couple of years ago.  It is planted by the pond and whilst it is always pretty, for some reason it is easy to over look for most of the year.  It grows there patiently enough, wafting in the breeze, yet I do not spend time admiring it.
and then Autumn comes and this small tree starts to shine
The red of the stems seems to gain in colour as the leaves turn a mustard yellow before they fall.
The leaves are as curly and wiggley as the branches, it is a static display of constant movement (until the wind blows, then it is a moving display....)
I think part of its appeal this time of year is that the Autumn sun really suits it, the gold of the pale sun brings out the colours in the stems and leaves to perfection.  So to make up for my ignoring of this fine tree for most of the year I have taken a moment to recognise and salute it in the glory of its Autumn reveal.  Well done tree.