What a difference a day makes

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day,
a day of sun and butterflies
This morning brought the first frost,
the first icing for the grass,
that slight wiltyness that means the end of the nasturtiums is just around the corner,
The dahlias have that sodden, colourful yet time limited feel.  The foliage has not been blackened by this frost, but they know that this was only the first frost and there will be more.
The tears of the tithonia say it all, time is not our friend now.
The pheasant grass, Stipa Calamagrostis, is shining in all its glory, loving the colour of the autumn sun.
The tree lupin is looking wonderful still too.  This is such a good plant, worth growing for the foliage alone it catches the moisture so well.
The asters are looking unfazed by the cold so far.
Yes it is a beautiful day, it has given us the first threat of the winter that is to come which means every day of colour is to be treasured even more.