The Trial 7 - nasturtiums

Nasturtiums are one of my favourite, must have, plants.  I always grow them, they are so easy to grow, so reliable and are just good doers.  What I like them to do best of all, is to wind through the other plants so that their flowers pop up in and around the rest of the planting; so recieving nasturtium seeds as part of the Thompson and Morgan trial was a joy. 
These nasturtiums, Crimson Emperor, are just wonderful.  They do what nasturtiums should do, the photograph above is one climbing up into the Manx rose.
I love the deep red colour; usually I grow two colours, I usually go for a deep red and a yellow/cream colour.  This year I only had these Thompson and Morgan trial ones and the deep red has been most satisfying.  I shall definitely be buying these for next year.

Of course, one does have to mention, that nasturtiums do have a really good long flowering period.  They flower reliably and give great colour.  Then with the first frost they turn into a disgusting slimy mess that has to be removed really quickly, but does compost well.  If you are really lucky you will get some self-sown ones next year to start the cycle again.

Yes - thoroughly, completely and totally recommended.