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A couple of weeks ago I went to the bulb sale at Whichford Pottery.  It is about an hour's drive from me so I decided to make a day of it and visit a garden on the way home.  I had long wanted to visit Sezincote this was the excuse I was looking for.  I will talk about Sezincote in future post.
I went to Whichford to buy bulbs, and buy bulbs I did: Tulipa Lilac Rose, Backpacker, Honky Tonk and Whittali.  Some Alium Atropurpurleum and Crocus Chrysanthus Cream Beauty.  Because I spent a bit of money I also received a free pot and some Crocus Blue Pearl.
I did not only go to buy bulbs, I have been hankering after a Armscote bee pot for some time and this was my chance to buy one.  So I did.  When it is planted up I will post a photo of it.
I might also have bought a cat plaque and a pot cat from the gallery.  Well I am working on becoming scary cat woman so it seemed the right thing to do.  Yes I had a little shopping frenzy but it all came in under budget and I was happy.
Of course now I have to start saving for a cat pot.

I have to say what a great place it is.  I loved walking around the pots, enjoying the early autumn sun reflecting off the terracotta colours.  They sell pots of all sizes, from the really tiny to the humungous!  I loved the huge pots probably best of all, far too big for my garden yet how I wished I could afford one and afford somewhere amazing to put it.

This is my favourite pot, if I could buy this I would - I can't quite decide whether to call it the breast pot or the dalek pot, either way it made me smile - let the saving commence.....
oh no, actually, this is the breast pot...
Whichford is a charming place to visit, beautifully augmented by the wonderful planting of the gardens and pots that surround it.  Harriet Rycroft, the Head Gardener, has a blog which can be found here.
I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, everyone was friendly and there was a good cake......
gorgeous planting....
really gorgeous planting.....
more pots than you can shake a stick at.....
interesting locals.....
and best of all I found the nursery where the pots are grown. 


  1. Some interesting terracotta goodies there! I want that cat plaque and so does the terracotta Pan!

  2. Thanks Alison - v amusing blog! The dalek/titty pot is actually a 'Karatsu Pot', it was inspired by a famous door in Japan, seen on one of Jim's many visits to that country. I think there are 36 pairs...
    The Armscote Bee pots are decorated randomly by Hilary and Jeannette, so no two will be exactly the same. I think this winter's mail-order offer is going to feature a cat pot, so I hope you're on the mailing list!

    1. One day I shall own a dalek pot too :). Yes I am on the mailing list so I hope the cat pot does go on offer - after I have that one then I will hanker after another I'm sure

  3. I love that bee pot! So do pots grow from seeds or are they propagated vegetatively?


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