The little library

Recently I spent some time at Murray Edwards College in Cambridge and whilst I was there I saw their 'little free library'.
I really liked how it looked, particularly the green sedum roof, but I also loved the idea of being able to swap books and it's trusting nature.
Anyway, it got me thinking, as things do, about what books I would put in a little library. If I was stocking it with books that mean a lot to me, what would I choose. I decided to create a list of ten books, sort of a 'Desert Island Disks' of books, these would be my little library that I would want to share with others.

Some of the books were really easy to decide, some took a little more thought.  I also decided that I had to include the book I am currently reading as a sort of wild card, the random element that is about the now, not the considers emotion, so that is book number 11.  

So here is my list, in no real order:

1. Alice through the looking glass, Lewis Carroll.

2. Lord of the Rings, J R R Tolkien

3. Moving Pictures, Terry Pratchett

4. The Men's Room, Ann Oakley

5. Tina Modotti, Photographer and Revolutionary, Margaret Hooks

6. Alters, Robert Mapplethorpe

7.  The Well Tempered Garden, Christopher Lloyd

8.  England and the Octopus, Clough Williams-Ellis

9.  The Stand, Stephen King

10.  Planting the Natural Garden, Piet Oudolph, Henk Gerritsen

11.  Body of Glass, Marge Piercy

So - of course, my question is what your library contain?

and to help you think here is a song, there has to be a song, and the little library reminded me of this:


  1. What a great idea! I love the sedum roof on it too. I might need something bigger than a little birdhouse for my favourites... probably a shed - a large one, might do it.

    Thanks for the song - I will be singing it all day!

  2. Trying to cut back on books at present so my more challenging question is what should I evict from my library.

    1. That's always a hard choice, I try and get rid of books if I'm definite I won't read them again, but that's never many


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