Success looks a bit like orange daisies

This year is the first year I have grown Tithonia rotundifolia.  They originate from Mexico so it is not surprising that they are tender annuals.  So many of my annuals this year have been eaten by slugs but these seem to have resisted them quite well.  The leaves are quite coarse and hairy so that probably helps.  Anyway, after much anticipation they have finally started to flower.

They are rather wonderful, even the butterflies like resting on them.
Bees like them too
They are my new love and I shall definitely grow them again.

By the way, you have to say 'tithonia' like they do 'Kavonia' in the adverts


  1. It's fascinating how, with some plants,their closed petals are one colour and open they are another. A bit like open and closed butterfly wings.

  2. How true, I love when the outset petals don't let you know the final colour of the flower, makes it a nice surprise.

  3. I do like the Tithonia!!! I am tempted to try it, Perhaps it would bloom in September up here.

    1. Definitely give them a go. I was begining to wonder if they would actually flower, but now they are flowering really well. They germinated easily too.


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