Oops, been buying again

It might appear I go to plant fairs a lot and buy a lot from them.  Actually a fair proportion of my garden has been grown from seed and a lot of division goes on.  I do like a good plant fair though, and when the chance arrives to go to one at Swines Meadow Farm Nursery, run by the delightful and incredibly knowledgeable Colin and Karan, then I take that chance.

So, what did I buy today:
This is Begonia Summerwings 'Deep Red'.  Some of you may be thinking 'but she doesn't like begonias, she keeps saying she doesn't like begonias'.  My answer to you is that there is nothing worse than a convert!  I like begonias now.  Some of my best friends are begonias.
Look at it, what is not to love?  It is now in a pot on my garden table, looking radiant.
Next, Dahlia Giraffe.  I loved this the moment I saw it.
It is delightfully stripey and is now planted in my dahlia border.  The only dahlia actually in flower in that border at the moment.  It will be fine, it will fit in with the others, as long as you do not mix stripes with checks there is no problem.
Cistus Pulveruientus, I had to buy this, love the vivid pink of the flower.
Romneya coulteri - the tree poppy.  I like poppies in all their forms but so far I have failed to get one of these to thrive.  This is the largest one I have ever bought so I am hoping that I might have more success with it.  If this one fails though, then that is it, I have a 'three strikes and your out' policy as I cannot keep throwing good money at plants I will only kill.
Cercis Siliquastrum (or sillysquatum as I keep thinking it is called).  This is to replace my Cercis Candensis Lavender Twist that a dog snapped off at the base yesterday.  I have rarely been so upset and angry at the same time.  The damned dog was not mine and should not have been in my garden.  Anyway, (calm calm), I now have this:
and it is beautiful and that dog had better not get into the garden again!
Callistemon linearis - the bottle brush plant.  I like this a lot.  I do have one which nearly died the winter before last and is still struggling to really get going again. 
Such pretty flowers.

Amicia zygomeris, a plant I have hankered after for a long time.  I bought one last year, kept it going through the winter only to plant it out in the Spring only to watch it die.  I was not happy.  Again this is a larger plant than the previous one so I hope it is sturdier.  I have promised cuttings from this to Ms Venn, twitterer extraordinaire, as we nearly had an unseemly tussle over who would buy it.

Finally Akebia x pentphylla
Rather looking forward to this beauty climbing and flowering, it is a very nice plant.

So that was my haul from this plant fair.  I am not sure if I am going to any more this year, I am really happy with my purchases this year, next on the list is bulb buying (checks overdraft...... )


  1. Naw, I don't feel guilty about buying plants, we always say, its our only hobby and we don't spend our cash on fags or booze. I like your Begonia Summerwing, more interesting than those with big blowzy flowers. I think I went past the three strikes and your out with the Callistemon, had my fill of it now though.

  2. I don't really feel guilty and I don't smoke so I like your reasoning :))

    I am not a huge fan of the big blousey begonias, well, not yet......

  3. Begonia summerwings comes from begonia boliviensis which has come through the winter in my garden in two completely different places. Tempted??? ;-)) I can feed your addiction Alison! Fellow addict.


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